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Ask Richard
On November 12th, Mil and Rik caught up with Richard Erskine in London.

Some great clips from our talk with Richard. Take a seat and imagine being in a hotel lobby, having a chat with Richard.
Thank you to everyone sending in their questions for Richard!


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The Racket System: A Model For Racket Analysis, Richard G. Erskine and Marilyn J. Zalcman, TAJ vol. 9, no. 1, January 1979
Summary: To resolve some discrepancies in rackets theory and its place within TA theory and treatment, this article proposes the addition of Racket Analysis and explains how the Racket System is a model for identifying and dealing with racket-related phenomena. The Racket System is self-reinforcing and distorted, based on script, and consists of Script Beliefs and Feelings, Rackety Displays, and Reinforcing Memories.

And here's the overview of all (1971- 2015) the ITAA EBMSA and EBMA winners.

Here you can read an interview with Tony Verlinden on negotiations and empathy. HRsquare magazine, Dutch.

Herminia Ibarra (INSEAD) on the importance of making a connection for leaders.

Ricky Gervais on comedy and empathy.

Why Richard?
Mil shares why getting Richard to the Low Countries is important to him.

Why buy a book by Richard?
Rik has a video of what he expects from 'Beyond Empathy'.