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Join us for our unique 4-day workshop.

Discover and experience the classic Transactional Analysis concepts. Take part in this fantastic experiential learning experience where you can make lasting personal changes.

Mil Rosseau, PTSTA-E, and Rik Rosseau, in CTA-O-training, facilitate this workshop. Their general framework for this 'high-contact' workshop is Redecision, resembling the approach they use with their bravest clients. Mil and Rik's approach is proven to be highly effective in businesses around the globe (see our article series in IJTAR). Look at it as a TA 101 with an extra focus on deep change and join us for our first open group.

Closely observing and speaking to participants about their experiences, Mark Widdowson, PhD, TSTA, University of Salford, will be going beyond evidence based qualitative and quantitative research. With his extraordinary perspective, we'll be looking for 'the difference that makes the difference': essential components of the most effective interventions.

Contribute to the TA community’s quest for fundamental research.

Be part of this! Now is a great time for the TA community to investigate the processes and mechanisms, which support people when making deep changes. We will be recording this workshop. This way, we'll create a great resource for discovering ways of increasing the effectiveness of transactional analysts, by focusing on what works and by identifying clear principles and guidance.

By attending you are agreeing to participate in the research. It is important to note that your anonymity will be protected and no identifying details will be used in any materials, which may be published as a result of this research, and if any material from your work is used, it will only be used with your explicit permission. 


This workshop is a co-operation between TA Academie België and the University of Salford.
The whole four days count as TA training.

When?       21, 22 and 23 January and March 11th 2016, we start at 9:30 and finish at 17:00
Where?      Antwerp (BE) area
Cost:          €995, excluding VAT, including light lunches and drinks
Language:  English

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